Sun Of God University


At the end of every age...

At the end of every age there is a messenger to bring light on who is the true God, and how to activate the principles in your life.

That messenger is SUN OF GOD UNIVERSITY. We are here to cut through all dogma and confusion of what our creator said, and what he meant. By the way our creator is non other than JESUS THE LORD CHRIST.

SUN OF GOD UNIVERSITY recognizes the divine individual distinction of the SUN OF GOD JAH JESUS from GOD THE FATHER JEHOVAH. One in unity yet separate personalities.

Our ultra goal is to worship JAH JESUS LORD CHRIST divine SUN OF GOD. JAH JESUS CHRIST is both creator and savior. All attention to JAH JESUS CHRIST glorifies the father JEHOVAH GOD.

In the beginning (before time was not)

Eons ago, long before time as we know it today, there was a being that always preexisted with the FATHER GOD JEHOVAH.

In the creation of billions of worlds this Grand Being created what the Father GOD JEHOVAH pictures in his mind, by using the energy or Holy Spirit to create.

This magnificent being JAH JESUS CHRIST also created the youngest planet in the universe – planet Earth. You now the story; man and woman were created by this exalted magnificent being, but they fell from their magnificent estate. There was a council in the heavens on how to redeem man.

The Father GOD JEHOVAH’s plan was that your body dies, but the spirit goes up to the heavens. The SON OF GOD stepped up to the plate, and pleaded with the father, GOD JEHOVAH, with his redemption plan. Prepare me the SON OF GOD a body that I may redeem mankind, and through a blood sacrifice that man can keep his body, and live forever in his body.

The SON OF GOD changed the FATHER JEHOVAH’S mind, and it was so that THE SON OF GOD came to Earth in a body named JAH JESUS.

This picture of what the sciences call dark matter (in the Universe) which is Holy Spirit power of JAH JESUS THE CHRIST

First time ever a Christian card

that will tell you true facts about the LORD JAH JESUS THE CHRIST's glorious birth.

  • Millions came see the child within a two year period.
  • Bethlehem sky and sea lit up day and night for two years with JESUS CHRIST energy.
  • JAH JESUS THE LORD CHRIST talked right after being born.

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